2017 Run for the Sun

9th Annual Run for the Sun
June 1st to June 30th 2017

…….. including the 7th Annual
“Mid Year Mojo Loco”
on Jun 30th 2017

“your chance to beat the Winter Blues”
“your chance to embrace the Summer Joy”

Come and join Coach Jeff as together we run every day for the entire month of June 2017.  To be an official finisher your daily “run for the sun”  must be a minimum of 1.6km or 1mile …. but we encourage you to join in whether you run 1 foot or 1 block or 1 mile.  To be a part of the fun with Coach Jeff just start running on June 1st and keep track of how far you run and report in each week with your run totals and be eligible for the end of month prize draw. Join our RFTS Face Book Page and post a little info on yourself and where you will  “run for the sun”.

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Register with Coach Jeff at coachjeff@coachjeff.com.au

CLICK HERE  to hear about the history of the Run for the Sun and how you can be a part of the 2015 fun.

Run for the Sun Hall of Fame
2009 Joshua Smith Brisbane – Australia – 90days
2010 Tyler Wilson Melbourne – Australia – 90days
2011 Coach Jeff – Brisbane Australia – 30days / 450km
2012 Candice Bool – Brisbane Australia – 30days / 452km – 31days / 494km
2013 Steve Coyne – Valdosta USA – 30days / 488.55km / 305.3mi
2014 Mat Grills – Sunshine Coast Australia – 30days / 500km / 310.6mi (new record)




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